Austics Facebook strategy

Organic Growth
At Austics we aim to grow our business organically through millennial digital marketing techniques: social media engagement, website, blogging. Therefore, we believe in inbound marketing: creating a following of interested and engaged users of our products rather than the old century technique of outbound marketing. If you go to our facebook page, AusticsTools. You will definitely see a pattern in our posts. The content we choose to post about is:
Activities / Events
Updates on our website content: blogs; website revamps etc

1. We want to post relevant information on current products which include the Austics Couture (already in the market) and the Austics stethoscope which is currently under development.

2. Stakeholders which contribute to the success of Austics:
a. CSIR (Council for Scientific & Industrial Research)
b. TIA (Technology Innovation Agency)
c. Egolibio
d. PDTS (Product Development Technology Station)
e. SABKickstart

egolibio_logo csir tia-logo-2 SABPDTS-TIA-Logo

3. Activities and Events that showcase our products and interaction with stakeholders

4. Content that makes our website standout is key to promoting it on our timeline

5. Blogs that entail the following themes:
a. Entrepreneurship
b. Marketing strategy
c. Health care industry
d. Medical Technology Innovations
e. Engineering Design (CAD)
f. Manufacturing industry
g. Austics Campaigns

Nearly every post must invite our fans to do something:
a. Sign up.
b. Read more
c. Buy / Place order
d. Call

Finally, we commit ourselves not to post anything that is political, racial and sexist.

Article by Mongi Nyembe

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