Our Team

ProVision Coordinator

I am responsible for coordinating the team’s efforts to optimal success through project management tools. I am dedicated to the development of the country’s GDP and improving the public health of South Africa. We are a world class African state, thus our health, life expectancy and economy must reflect that. Healthy living & lifestyle is my passion.

Systems Design Architect

I have an interest in research & development of the medical equipment industry. My objective is to offer new and innovative ideas ushering the industry into a new age - a different way of doing things. My task is to design, patent and prototype a product which later undergoes tests in the process called standardization.

Innovation Strategist

I am an innovative individual who takes interest in engineering, sport and I am a big fan of music. I am occasionally seen as a very outspoken person. My objective is to bring high quality diagnostic medical equipment to the medical professionals across South Africa and Africa at large.

Implementation Factor

I believe in doing it right the first time. Remember, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Customer satisfaction is my first priority. My objective is to install and maintain world-class management strategies and systems to ensure highest quality health care products and services. Now, let’s get started.

DigiCloud Facilitator

I am focused, driven and I take my work seriously. I like learning and acquiring new knowledge and find dynamic creative environments exciting & stimulative. My goal is to position the Austics™ brand into the medical devices industry through digital marketing.

Tooling Resources Expert

I want to be part of the revolution of SME economic dominion and I believe being an entrepreneur is a rewarding experience. I have a passion for world changing ideas and I am result orientated. I enjoy looking at hypothetical situations and assessing risks and coming out with a solution.